Past Games

Crowds of players form two cults, and perform arcane rituals to summon the slickest demon.
After defeating Incindor the Kiln-Chested at the end of his epic journey, Sir Kwest is left with a sharp shrill noise blaring through his ears cutting off his glorious internal fanfare.
The life of Johnny Dangerous is not an easy one. Johnny must patrol the streets taking advantage of drugs and alcohol to diversify and enhance his fighting talent.
You play as a lost wanderer who can transform himself into the elements he sees around him. Using his new abilities, he hopes to solve puzzles and complete his quest.
Pinocchibot wants to be human, but he doesn't have a heart. Help him build his heart by solving puzzles and making unique decisions. Collecting all the pieces will make you human. Or will it...?
In a post-apocalyptic world, one great robot survives with the entire human legacy. What the population didn't know was that the corporations that contributed the maintenance bots were directed to continually rebuild and vie for control of Ourobotos. Who will prevail and earn the right to sole sentience?