Past Games

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Take a short personality test to determine which of the 9 personality types in-game that match you the most!
In SETI, two to four players take on the role of administrators of a radio telescopes located around the world.
You are the headman of a small fishing village and you need to control the local fishing grounds so that your people can thrive. Sadly, your neighbors all feel the same way.
Count of Days is a table top card game based on the Mayan Ritual Count calendar.
For 2+ players. Players take turns controlling a robotic survivor trapped on a desert island.
Silent Trust is a 2 player game in which one player plays an immobile "Observer" and the other plays a blind "Rover".
A 2D top-down horror game where you wake up alone on a submarine, with only the ominous sound of a heartbeat echoing from somewhere on the ship. You must explore the sub and find the source of the heartbeat before you go mad.