Romane Rakotovao

Past Games

Anna and you just broke up. Between your lingering affection, the support of your best friend Seb, and your mom, you can try to get a bit of solitude... or leave your life 300% to put it all behind.
On a decaying oil rig complex, a recluse and purposeless techie is committed to brood his life away. One day, as he finds a mischievous stray orca, he takes on to help him out of this mess.
An auditive exploration into your current mood, playable on mobile! Keep your finger down on the screen (or your mouse click down) to ear the begening of sound and construct your own ambiance.
An escape game where you can only go so far on your own and have to leave notes to your future selves.
Proto state. Two players online. You have two buttons and your mouse to make your partner understand his missing part of the partition that you can see. Please, try to do not talk to each other and

Hearty Games