Past Games

You are Mamanoa. You feel lonely on your planet. Float around, gather company and take it home. Press Space or LMB to float up. Learn everything else. It's simple. Enjoy.
You need to send this message home. It will be the most important message of your life.
You play Ben Eath, the surf ace. Let the sea waves bounce him up into the sky to hit stuff and score high. A pinball'ish game made with Pico-8.
Snow White is sick of all the drama and moves out of the dwarfs' house. The dwarfs agreed to help her.
~ You are Harri Haccisacl, high priest of a cursed Mayan community. When a solar eclipse turns the day into darkness, restless demons approach his temple.
Everyone wants to summon demons. Here is your chance to learn how to actually do it!
Imagine your life as a labyrinth of emotions; with a twist. Some of its paths are invisible.