Roel Ezendam

Past Games

Frikadel vs Bratwurst. The battle of all battles. Which country has the ultimate snack?
Sheriffs & Sombreros by RageSquid! This intense western stand-off will make your heartbeat go crazy! Sheriffs & Sombreros is a 2-player game played with XBOX controllers. Use the triggers to grab either your shield or your gun, and press A to shoot. You can even deflect a bullet with your shield if you time it right! This game is easy to pick up and play, but proves to be very hard to master. Can you outsmart your opponent?
Become king of CrocTail by biting all the enemy crocs in their Tails.
If Darwin was right, all odds are against this creature! Control the last one of these magnificent creatures with up to 4 friends! Every player controls a part of the creature: The legs, the wings, the tail and the head. If you work as a team you will survive the longest, and get the highest score! Keep your focus however, because the roles the players have change every once in a while!
This game is played by two players on a single screen. The goal is to defend your main character in his base, while taking down the opponent. Players construct a base to defend himself and attack the enemy. In this stage, deception is actually used as a game mechanic, because players can use the shape of their base to mislead the other player. Next is the combat stage, in which players face off in a one-on-one battle between the bases they've constructed.