Roee avramot

Past Games

E-K0 is a PvP arena roguelike game, where each player takes control over a small fighter craft that hovers fast across a sphere-like surface in order to reveal and then eliminate the opponent/s.
Get the ball into the bucket! You can't control the ball, but you can change the world! Tap or click to switch between red, green, and blue platforms.
I an alien - I in transit - Other aliens think they should pass first - I SHOW THEM. In this one-button brawler, aliens jump to generate waves that will send other aliens' over the edges. The last alien standing wins the game!
Help pilgrims reach their destination. Use the power of the gods to help them pass obstacles, but beware, while powers disable some obstacles, they may create others.
Staircrossed is a 2 players co-op, two buttons (one for each player) game, where players take the role of a boy and girl who are in love but live separately in two adjacent buildings that are infested with monstrous neighbors. The goal in the game is for both players to reach the rooftop that connects their buildings and meet each other. The trick comes with the one button control, only one player can advance forward at the time but both players go backwards together. Players will need to sync their movements in order to advance in the floors and to escalate to the upper floor.
Sleep Paralysis - a game we have built at the Global Game Jam Israel-Tel-Aviv this weekend using the UNREAL ENGINE and free assets from Garage Games. You are a solitary old man lying on your deathbed, with almost no ability to move. The daemons are coming to take your soul. You will try push them off, but death is inevitable. It's just a matter of time...