Past Games

Get Out of MY House is a 1v1 multiplayer game about priestesses and ghosts who want to live in a house, but will not accept the presence of each other. Ghosts should haunt the furniture of the hous
Lar é o lugar onde a gente se sente em paz... para fazer nossas necessidades mais humanas. Estou falando de Cocô.
Trajeto Do Invisível é um jogo que faz forte referência ao transtorno pós traumático T.D.I (transtorno dissociativo de identidade ) tudo de forma sutil apesar de se tratar de um jogo de terror, abo
"Rapsódias: A Outra Versão" é um jogo de narrativa compartilhada que pretende fazer os Jogadores experimentarem a fluidez do processo de transmissão de historias e da construção dos mitos.
It’s the year of 3001, humanity is on the brink of collapse.
A magical place where 3 - 6 minigames assemble a dynamical game that your score is transmited through the whole gameplay, 'till you die, of course.
An adventure of the three ages. Try to solve the puzzles in order to save the old man from the apocalipse.
A lone templar knight heads into dangerous, cursed lands to purge the wicked and strike down evil.
Two different tribes, that live on the same island, must constantly provide sacrifices for their local and insatiable volcano called Marvin!
Game about making rituals to attend people`s necessities, kinda like a food truck, but of more... mystic things. Think you can be a better ritual maker than your friends?
An aspiring duck shaman must undergo a ritual to prove his physical and spiritual abilities.