Past Games

Play as Dr. Jekyll on his run from his crimes committed in England and France.
Sylver is a black trans-woman, suffering from the weight of deep depression.
Repairing bodily issues in a Steampunk world!
Play as a doctor, administering a 'vaccine' to the citizens of a small town in hopes to putting an end to the pandemic that is beginning to sweep across the world.
Echo is about a museum heist where you have to try and take pieces of art while avoiding waves of guards.
Our game will take place after the death of Romeo and Juliet with their families still feuding among themselves.
You, as the player, are a first time Game Jammer.
Using the "phrase" that was given for the theme this year. My partner and myself have agreed to the idea of having your character being set into a labyrinth/Puzzle style game.
Complete adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart". The game makes the user control the character who is responsible for the murder of the old man with "vulture pale-blue" eye. The objective of the game is to follow the old man throughout the house without being detected. You as the user can give off detection by making noises such as creaking floor boards, footsteps, breathing, lighting and last but not least the sound of your heartbeat can give off detection. As you get closer to the old man while following your heartbeats pace will increase. There are also environmental detection that can startle the old man and make him look around such as thunder, fireplaces, doors creaking open. If detected by the old man the anxiety of the old man and his vulture eye ball will cause you to faint and restart. If successful you will sneak into the old mans room and then remove the heart from old man without spilling a drop of blood. - Stealthy - 3D, 3rd person (over the shoulder) - 3 Difficulty levels - Basement - 1st floor - 2nd floor (Bedroom)
You are a CEO of a company, but, you haven't been yourself lately.....literally. Echo is a game that bends life and science in an interesting \"snake-eating-itself\" twist. Will you make it to the truth or will you just be another echo?