Past Games

Ye had too much t’drink again ye roaster. And ye've left somethin' behind at one o' the pubs on the boardwalk.
The idea was to use data from a usb microscope to generate a world in vr. I had some technical problems getting the GearVR working but I kinda got some stuff working.
RED is a subversion of a clicker game that glorifies the plight of human suffering (in our homes) in the developing world.
Not actually a game.. more like an interactive music video toy sorta thing.. Nice music: Midnight Rider by Fazzio ( Swoop along!
Click on the right colours in turn to make as long a line as you can - the line will break if you click on the wrong colour. Future developments - play against your friends online or in VR
A simple platform runner game involving cute animals and cruel levels.
Trashteroid Truckers ---unfinished---