Robert Ramsay

Past Games

Sinisteria is a small story telling game about a girl's life and her mental issues.
In this world, the forces of nature and technology conspire to change the view of the disembodied eye. Who is it? Why? Inslide World is a 4 Player Co-op game using experimental Slider controllers.
In Sweet Dreams, you control Archer, the hero whom has the ability to keep young Tracy's nightmares at bay. Exploring the world of Tracy's Dreams, you need to her from having a nightmare by fending off the baddies in her fantasy world. Find Tracy and then use her to lure the creatures to her, then dispell them from her mind by walking through them. This is a working version from the GGJ and I will post updates when they become available. Enjoy!
An epic shoot'em'up with a surprising twist!