Past Games

Space Tow, Like "Crazy Taxy" but in space, you need to two wreck space ships back to your Controls: Space - Accelerate WASD - Turn J - "Extra Speed" (Consume Energy) K - Be
Puzzle game made in the Caracas Game Jam 2019 Controls: WASD/Arrows : Move Player Space Bar: Grab Obstacles Hints: Red NPC reset the level, green NPC Run Away if see you (just tiles in a straigh
Music Planets is a music synchronization game, mind-body will be put to the test to prove who is the best in 360 dance with augmented reality! Top Score: 7110 by Tomas Fernandez.
Blacksmith Brothers is Co-Op game, you and your brother (or friend) need to create weapons to earn gold. (at the moment needs 2 controllers to be played)