Past Games

A combat robot game inspired by Hijinx, Sporkinok, and many more teams. In this game, you get to find your team, design your robot, and fight.
The game you play just before going to sleep. The world is full of loud and crazy noises and you just want to find the place to go to relax and fall asleep. Wander around collect them gems.
Crowds of players form two cults, and perform arcane rituals to summon the slickest demon.
petroji puts 2 - 4 players in control of a tribe of early humanoids who must communicate using only petroji, a mix between "petroglyphs" and "emoji"/"emoticons." See belo
You are a small human in a cap running around avoid ghosts and looking for safety. You physically tilt the controller to make it move. You have a few hearts of life. You can collect hearts, to live longer. Each level is timed. You have 8 seconds to get to safety. Why the Updated Plan: Ran out of memory, need to pick a ChipKit board, or optimize memory usage. Original Plan In this health game ghosts are hunting you down as your are tracked by a GPS unit. Those ghosts find you a steal energy out of your heart then you die. If you are lucky and survive the combat you collect hearts for more life. This is an outdoor GPS game that has an option heart/pulse logger that you can use to review how the game was played.
We're using Unity3d to create a game where you can learn to breadboard.
"Heat Death" uses a gravity based mechanic. There is another version of this game on an embedded device. "Heat Death for MicroTouch"