Ricardo Lázaro

Past Games

Help Raoul G. Fries find his lost manray plushie which was took away by them nasty critters
A little robot is trying to fix his broken mecha by reconnecting cables inside it.
Terminate the vermin (Plaga) using your powerful Chancla to make a clean, pacific and nice place of your new home. Elimina las plagas gigantes empleando tu poderosa chancla para crear un ambiente l
Home is where light is. Lighter's must keep their house lights on or else The Darkness will expand, one room at a time... at least, until dawn.
The game(s) try to induce a mood on a crowd by sending messages.
A game where you control waves to water to guide boats away from danger like rocks, whales or each other. It requires you to always be focused and watch every place in the screen to save the most b