Past Games

When we are looking at our homes from outside it makes it easier to understand what makes them home for us. Level 1 - Earth - control ISS as you can accelerate and decelerate to collect items that ma
Can you target the right person despite misleading stereotypes? "Sniper Pro-filer" is a fun take on an empathy game.
A simple dress up game, which challenges the player to dress up a soldier-spy in a masculine way, with very limited options.
Collaborate on drawing Satanist symbols to successfully summon the dark lord! 2-4 players need to cover the carved path by swiping, each on their own smartphone! A technological and mystifying mirac
Katherina is a minute away from being forced into marriage to the abusive Petruchio.
What do i do now? I'm Growing An 8 years old girl growing fast to 40, She starts in her childhood room and need to escape home before the age of 40.
Someone farted in the elevator! The real question is who? Who is the better sniffer? You or your friends?
You are Dead! But not all is lost: Some people do come back from the dead. Will you follow the light with you last heartbeats? Every step you take also makes you one step closer to your demise - so choose wisely
an exploring-survival puzzle in which you need to manage your time between operation of several small machines. The more working machines you have, the slower your blood drains. Run out of blood and die! Play it online: (best experienced with headphones)
A top view survival shooter between several manic-robotic-insects. \ Along the shooting and running, player collects improved features, each one collected dumping the oldest existing one. \ One must find a good balance of features in order to survive longest.
The Last Dodo Sperm is a story of love and survival as a triumphant Dodo sperm fights to continue the noble Raphus Cucullatus line. Play as the heroic bird spunk or as the defiant receiving Colon trying to enact The Final Dodo Solution.
Glass maze game in which you need to find the exit by breaking the glasses. You will need to find a broom to break the glasses and a loom so you know when you really look at yourself (which is the only breakable glass available.