Past Games

A immersive escape room where a group of 5 peoples have to repair a space ship, solving puzzles to quit
Bringing game concepts to technology and maker education (gamification). Using a web system to track and measure engagement, and participant (students) focus.
This game tells the history of a woman that want to have a boyfriend and try to do a brazilian/african culture ritual called macumba/simpatia. To do this ritual, she went to the house of Pai Sereno.
a game created with LEGO Mindstorms NXT based on table talk rpg where the main player controls a phantom in a dungeon and have to figure out how he died walking through the dungeon, all the spectators
Its a game where a robot will be player and another robot will the checkpoint, the checkpoint will have four buttons for the player robot push, but only one of four buttons is the correct so the playe