Renato Lima

Past Games

How about being a dog and hiding several different items from its owner just to make his life a little difficult?
Um novo esquadrão de nerds chega na cidade. Poucos conseguiram suportar a pressão de encarar tantos problemas de informática ridículos e inusitados.
Armênia é um jogo baseado numa história real, vivida no genocídio armênio que aconteceu entre 1915 e 1923. O jogador será levado a momentos importantes da vida do personagem.
A futuristic racing game where the subject which races are the game characters, with augmented body parts. You need to stay onsight and finish the line in first place.
Jump in this thrilling action game of submarines that need to locate enemies with sonar mode, ambush or flank navigating through the battle field and firing torpedoes with precision in the aiming mode
An evil Jammer decides to expel the soul of your competitors for their bodies to be the one to deliver their game in GGJ 2016. And you must prevent this from occurring recovering these souls.
This is a game with various mini-games inside it. The gameplay is fast-paced, as each mini game has just a few seconds of duration.