Renan Sousa

Past Games

Um jogo Cooperativo de sobrevivência em que uma dupla encontra-se em uma jangada e precisa navegar por uma correnteza cheia obstáculos.
Pequeno RPG introspectivo sobre o significado de ideais, relacionamentos e amadurecimento.
Belzebabe is a game about pleasing Belzebu's daughter (and his father) doing various rituals to summon demons and stuff of their choosing. However, performing rituals is not easy as they speak i
--- ENG --- Bonfire is a party-game for 4 to 10 players inspired by classics like Werefolf, The Resistance and Coup. The players are camping members in a dangerous and mysterious forest.
UPDATE: We're now hosted on GameJolt as well! With the quickplay function, you can start the game with only one click.

Hearty Games