Past Games

A circle drum of pagan tribesmen, perform a night drum ritual to sacrifice a teddy bear to the great gods.
A realtime pvp sniping game for mobile. Each player plays a sniper.
In the not so far future, due to the popularity of playing mobile games on the toilet, the wars of this new bleak future are set and won over the brutal field of - "Match 3" games. "
I ♥ Attack takes place in a post-apocalyptic medical laboratory, where the player must develop a vaccine to a deadly virus that's about to wipe mankind. The game is an "immune system simulator", featuring a tower defense gameplay, where the player controls the different immune cells of the body - White Blood Cells are the 'attacker' type units, Red Blood Cells are the repair units and Garbage Collecting Cells are incharge of clearing out the battle-fields, or a virus might re-emerge. How to play: Click and hold one of the circles (top right) to start collecting friendly units (Cleaners/Healers/Defenders). Click on a body part to release. Once a cut has been opened inside a body part, viruses will begin attacking that body part, send in defenders to kill them, healers to heal the body part & cut and finally cleaners to gain DNA for improvements. Mouse scroller - Zoom in/out. Space - 1st person view of one of your friendly units. B - End the game.