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Past Games

Tune in the beat, hit the right combos and keep your healing beam up and in the right color so you and your robo-protector can make it through the meteor storm !
Revolutionary zero click gameplay! Spectate beautiful creatures eating, multiplying, evolving and dying.
A zombie apocalypse... and a bunker! Everything started to fail a while ago, so we need to make sure everything is fine "up there" before we free ourselves.
Welcome to our GGJ page! This year we created Coven. Coven is a multiplayer digital card game with a drafting mechanism.
Futuristic multiplayer party game for 2-4 people. You have to reach the center but cannot see how!
Command your minions and gather what you need to survive and escape this dreadful planet.
Return of the Drodi is a 2D sidescroller shooter in an auto generated world. You fight drodis for like... forever, for as long as you can survive. They're coming for you, what do you do?
A story about the last surviving zombie... in the world!
Strange notebook, found in a drawer of dead madman. What is it? A coloring book? A sketchbook? Or maybe somewhere in there lies some secret message, left by wraped mind of dead man? Are you curious? Then book off and try to unravel the riddle. And remember, form deceives, truth is in the colors.