Past Games

A game about the theme, Repears
It is a flying whale town
Tai Chi ritual in the Vive. As you get deeper into the ritual the world breaks up around you and you trip to the outreaches of space and time. that's the plan anyway...
4 players are in a cell captured by an evil overlord. In order for 2 people to be freed, you have to kill 2 other players.
A game that takes place in 3 dimensions around the player. An Android phone is needed to play, the player plays through this and interacts with within a virtual spheres, which envelope them. The world around you is visible only through the window of your cellphone (the direction you are facing are determined through the phone's accelerometer and compass).
Construct a machine, composed of various modules, to destroy you opponent, who is also building a machine. Rocket, shield, spiked, heavy, ranged modules at your disposeal. Everyone can see everything, you need to out-wit your opponent in a multiple stage interleved build.