Past Games

Silly old bear. You are Winnie-the-Pooh, explore the forest and help your friends.
You find yourself in a mostly empty room. There do not appear to be any exits. How will you escape? (If you actually want to escape, try Alt+F4, I didn't get around to an exit button.)
Arabelle's heart has been shattered and scattered across the countryside. Help her find the pieces and put it back together. Extremely unfinished, even for a jam game.
A game about being far from home, but also about building a new home. Semi-functional. Click on units and modules to select them. Right click to deselect.
Your skyscraper office is full of robots. This is normal. But they’ve killed almost everyone inside. That’s different than yesterday. In Data the Dead, you are tasked with flying a drone through
You are a humble country witch, attempting to bring magical cures to the people of your local town. Grab ingredients and mix potions.
It's your destiny to rescue the princesses from the dragon.
SplitSpace is a space game about adapting to conflict. The game must be played with 2 people. One player operates an exploratory spacecraft, the other gathers resources on planets.

Hearty Games