Past Games

The story about a man on his pursuit for the golden throne. Follow the clues that lead the way and make you get there on time.
A long time ago, 2 rival tribes had a ritual. Every month a man from each tribe is elected to be on the roller roaster, and it's up to the shamans to keep their meat from overcooking... Each
A 2D strategy/action platformer where you control a chameleon that swoosh a Katana sword with his thong, swallowing insects along the way, deciding how to face the obstacles that changes with him.
In a future not far from here, the humanity is fighting an old enemy, Obesity, much faster, much stronger and much clever. The human scientists in order to prevent Obesity's domination, created an order called Nanonauts, young soldiers with technology capable of entering human bodies and retrieve body fat an other bad things in order to save them. In the game you play an young Nanonaut rookie, fighting the Obesity's most evil enemies and soldiers.
Some screenshots of the game