Past Games

Ghost Rage is a 2 player cooperative game. One player, the Priest is a girl who came to investigate a haunted house. She is attacked by the malevolent ghosts there. But, there is a kind spirit (pla
--> A 2D platformer local multiplayer race game. --> Platforms and Players can be of three different colors: Red, Green, Blue. --> Players can change their color anytime, using 3 input keys
Help! Food vendors are overfeeding their customers, causing a heart attack epidemic in town. As a medic from the Punch! school, fight the food with your mighty fist! Revive your patients with your tender fist! Don't succumb to the tasty meals tossed your way. And remember, keep the beat! How to play: Movement: Arrow Keys B : Punch Forwar! Spacebar : Punch Downward G : Emergency Defibrillator (costs 'score' to use) Make sure to do CP!R on the heart attack victims by punching down at them! Your punches should be timed with their heartbeat to work properly.