Past Games

The hero finally beat the last boss! But it didn't feel right... Now he must go the whole way back, back home.
A Roda Punk simulator
Beely is a very special bat. He identifies himself as a nature lover.
The journey of a young shaman to become a man
A family had their home burned. Interact with the object of the house to understand why the house got destroyed.
An experience about your senses, your world and everything in between...
You are a resident and received the hard task of keeping alive the remaining patients at your hospital. They have a weird disease that makes their heart BPM (beats per minute) increase or decrease indefinitely. To aid you in this tough mission, a futuristic device was created that can absorb or induce heart beats by direct contact with the patience. Keep them alive until the time limit. Controls: Left and Right to move Up and Down to use the elevator Z and X to use the machine (near a patient)
It's a game that you have make a lemonade with everything but lemons. So if the costumer is tricked you earn some easy money, if not then even the cops might show up. It's not running yet but very soon it will be.