Past Games

The game is a faithful recreation of the legendary last battle between Captain P. Wan and the terrible pirate Pih-Too
A High-Level Spacetime Alchemist got possessed by a failed experiment. Now he must battle a Demon that needs to kill him to get free. The Alchemist must use the Demon's own minions to defeat him.
Albert Price is locked in the attic of his laboratory. But he is not alone. \ \ He has his flamethrower. \ And some annoying entities from some other plane of existence that want to steal his soul. \ In this pitch dark room, Albert will have to react fast to escape the chase of the monsters. Or just banish them back to wherever they came from by setting them ablaze, whichever seems more appropriate. Or are -you- going to tell the man with the flamethrower what he should or shouldn't do?
Fuu, the monk firefox panda, got himself trapped inside the Dragon arena and now has to fight all the enemies in order to prevent the Dragon from constricting him.