Past Games

Gates of Logic is a cooperative & competitive multiplayer platformer where two players share and compete for the controls of an android. Players need to work together in order to traverse through
A multinational conglomerate has set legal precedent for copyrighting control schemes. As an indie dev working from home, pump out games using control layouts nobody else has used before!
An old-school split-screen shooter upper! up to four players split screen, uses controllers or keyboard (WASD ZX and Arrows + NM). Pay attention to your mission, at the bottom of the screen!!
ULTIMATE CAT DRIFT! COMET BUMPERS! BANANACONTRA! + HIDDEN TACTICS GAME... Bust out 8 retro controllers and find seven friends, this game is a three-in-one gamejamstraviganza.
Business men migrate to perform the ritual of free fall money making.
In the aftermath of a devastating global war, the only remaining survivors were ducks.

Hearty Games