Past Games

Why do zombies groan? Call Of The Zombie gives the answer!
A Cross Platform Multiplayer Party Drinking Games Across The Globe!
A first person, virtual reality, hand tracking puzzles, spanning time AND space with the swipe of a face. With intellect and attention, have your gaze extend the common bounds to limitless horizons.
sonder n.
RGB is a 2 player cooperative puzzle game on one device where players are given unique sensory and disability traits. Relying on communication, these players must guide their robot to the core of their space ship before it self destructs.
You play as Phoenix, flying through the universe creating and maintaining the mythical Jormungand. It's your job to balance the rhythm of the cosmos with the responsibility of making your trail, Jormungand, a perfect and connected circle. Otherwise, the world will die. And that would be a jerk move.
Frequent and unnecessary amounts of platform gaming have had a devastating effect on the helpless inhabitants of Level 1-1, whittling their population to near extinction. Can you save them? Or eradicate them entirely? We're not sure. We haven't thought that far ahead yet.