Past Games

An escaped experimentation subject wreaks havoc as he blasts his way to freedom WASD move P for pew (shoot) Escape for quit Space for jump E for interact
Village Building game where you, as Chieftain, aim to grow your village by farming the land, raising the population, and discovering the very picky needs of your Village God whom you may make offering
Two players must work cooperatively as the on-site explorer using the Oculus Rift and a controller, and the remote mission controller with a standard pc, to traverse an alien world and activate the cr
It's a game of survival and avoiding the inevitable. You control a small group of nomadic beings who do two things, feed and grow. Scour the world for food to survive. In the end, realize your place on the grand scale that is your world.
Ever since Fat "Lucky" Hamster had his carrot field plowed over for apple and orange trees, Fat Hamster has longed to eat a carrot once again. One day, when a carrot's scent whiffs by him, he cannot resist the temptation to follow. Unfortunately, the apple and orange trees aren't happy...