Project X

Past Games

You play as Patient Zero. Your job is to infect everyone. The disease links the consciousness of all infected together, allowing you to jump from controlling one infect to another.
A two player kitten game. Play as a two pirate kittens who want to catch the crows at the top of the mast. Help your Pawrate to win!
Where am we? We woke up in this strange looking arena We woke up to a voice saying "Survive"... We are one entity - a combination of brave souls... ...But we are scared. Monsterocal
Buzzing down a damp, dark alley, you discover a passed out Elvis impersonator and gorge yourself on his adrenaline (and alcohol) enriched blood.
An old-school arena shmup. Survive as long as possible by preventing your heart-ship from burning out by destroying spawning enemies and collecting their energy shards. Bullets are fired automatically with each heart beat and deplete the health bar. Destroying enemies also increases the ships heart rate. Use W,A,S,D to move and the Mouse to aim.
The gods of Maztinka people are not pleased with the year's sacrifices. You are the chieftain of the Maztinkas and it is your job to appease them. They have commanded that you entertain them by playing their twisted version of basketball, where the hoops are golden snakes that are slowly eating themselves and as such, are continuously shrinking. Once a magical snake has completely consumed itself, the gods shall make judgement. You can collect magical chalices to regrow the snakes and you have to pick up crates to get balls to throw through the \"hoops\". The arena has jump pads so that you can traverse it quickly. ENTERTAIN THE GODS or have your entire civilization wiped off the Earth.
You are the last surviving human. Survive the onslaught. Stay in the light and keep moving.