Past Games

Celebrity ghost hunter is a job that few people know how to do. Capture celebrity ghosts for your customers. It doesn't matter what they are going to do with the ghosts.
Oh no! Rats are breaking all of our stuff! We need to repair everything or we'll go out of business!
Acompanhe a história de um ser em busca de um lar, onde ele se sinta completo.
Uma jovem macaca chamada Rita descobrindo a cidade do Rio de Janeiro. A young monkey named Rita discovering the city of Rio de Janeiro.
You're trapped in a labyrinth full of monsters. Your ship, that also happens to be your only way out of this place, is broken.
This is the story of a great witch doctor who uses his magic rituals to clear the world from dark forces!
This game is about a postman trying to survive and keep his job, day after day. The city life is unpredictable, so what do you do now?
The Guardian's soul was divided, and now his two opposite personalities must combine their powers in order to reunite.
Heart Attack é um jogo de estilo casual, no qual o usuário controla um personagem com problemas alimentícios, com obsessão por comidas, enquanto este se encontra em uma lanchonete, com passe livre de todos os lanches; e enquanto o jogador controla os movimentos do personagem, deve tentar manter o equilíbrio entre a satisfação e o nível de colesterol, pois muitos alimentos contem gordura demais, e podem entupir as artérias, levando ao risco cardíaco. Heart Attack is a casual game, that the user get control of a character with some food issues, obsessed with them, while the character finds himself inside a snack bar, with a free pass of all snacks; meanwhile the gamer controls the movement of the character, he must find the perfect balance between satisfaction and cholesterol level, because many of the snacks got too much fat, and can obstruct the arteries, making him have a Heart Attack.