Past Games

In 'Shipwrecked' four castaways try stay afloat their tiny raft and look for the shoreline in the middle of the ocean. Since the raft cannot hold everyone at once, the four need be smart...
In Frogging - Gettin' high with friends 4 players cooperate to climb a mountain and stay above the rising water level, to do this each player controls one leg of the frog and grabs onto chunks of
Asylum is a third person shooter with a from-above perspective. You start in an abandoned asylum. You need to find the exit, indicated by a small green light. Your heartbeats are represented by a flashlight, that you need in order to see a damn thing! Also, you are POISONED! So be quick and find the exit before you die! There are some health packages around the asylum, so make sure you find them!! If this was not enough, the place is infested with bloody puking zombies! Because they never go out of trend. Have fun!
Rolling snakes cant get no satisfaction. Satisfaction from speed and danger. So they need more and more of it. But be careful. Someone put whole bunch of stones along the way.
Rabbits from Bunny Valley need your help! One of them contracted rabies at one of those crazy bunny parties and now disease is spreading like a wildfire. Do your best while prolonging bunnies' demise!