Povilas Jankūnas

Past Games

Authoritarian state media moderation. Master the art of duality and choose, which posts and comments to approve and which to deny, while trying to maintain order in your state.
Many summer days full of joy and laughter were spent running among, hiding from or searching for your neighbourhood friends in this highly addictive folk game.
Type, break and make words! A minimalistic game about word reassembly one letter at a time. Type or select words from a list. See it break into peaces and melt into an ocean of letters.
In the wild American midwest, a desert community is running out of living juice. Four families send their beloved sons and daughters to the last standing tower full of precious water supply.
Every four years the greatest event in the Antics takes place - the olympics! And its up to you to transmit the holy fire, city to city in order to reach the mount olympus and start the games!
Two civilisations are fighting a never ending war and you are the only one who can stop (or help) them slay each other.
The time has come, for young guy in Africa to become a man. But according to the old shaman you are no man in this tribe if you haven't slain the mysterious HOLY COCK.