Past Games

Play this game of one person's life. You go through a set of mini games with a time limit of 60 seconds. When time runs out, you need to start from the beginning.
A character. A bunny. A creepy song. An asylum with classy bookshelves and beds. What do we do now?
How do you approach and solve the issues and paradoxes of the everyday world?
Afro Boogie is a side scrolling 3D survival game made using Unity 3D. Set in a retro 70s style space station, you must try to survive as long as possible. Make your way through the space station while avoiding the evil robots and traps that await you. There are also some helpful items along the way. If you are doing well, your heart rate will be stable. If you are struggling your heart rate will change. Watch out for Afro Bot!
Prometheus is a citizen of Ancient Greece. One day he wakes up into a day that is stuck in an endless cycle. He is able to remember the days passing by, but everyone else does not.
This game is a single player, 2D animated, point-and-click style adventure game created using Scratch. It follows the story of a puppy named Spot who's mission is to stop the extinction of happiness in the land of Sherry by fighting off the minions of sadness. Click on the URL below to play!