Past Games

Text adventure "Hans Time!" is all about Hans: a frustrated History teacher with unruly students and the best wife ever. If you wanna find out more, play! http://polooo2.github.io/ggj2016/
Flirtevator - Romantic Ascension: You're stuck in an elevator with an incredibly attractive person. What do you do now?
in Zombie Love Affair, you help our hero rebuild his zombie girlfriend who has been blown to smitheerns by the airforce (intent on protecting that pesky human race.) Dodge bombs, collect body parts, and re-assemble Violet for the sake of true (undead) love and happiness. Click to on the neighbouring tile to move the character. Hold the button to move the character a whole row, release the button to stop the movement. Body parts appear if a bomb hits a grave, but be careful not get hit by bombs yourself.