Past Games

¡Los aldeanos quieren vegarse! El Sectario del pueblo ha convertido a todos los hombres, mujeres y niños en hombres musculosos, todos iguales.
Explore your house to know find out what happened.
This is a game for two players, every player will be in the left or right side of the screen, and both must reach a score to win the game. The level is full of traps!
From the ancient ages the Mayans foretold the future, the end of mankind. What they didn't knew knew it's that everything was going to start over... and over... and over... and will keep repeating this endless cicle, untill the fall of mankind its their own fault...
The planet Petrosphere lives thanks to the stunning BlueGem that rests on the Diamonument. Unfortunately, the BlueGem was stolen and hidden in the land of Traperstone. You! OilBoy! you have to recover it as soon as possible, but be careful, Traperstone is not a easy thing. Hurry up! Bring back the BlueGem and avoid the imminent EXTINTION...