Past Games

Merge the fragments to win (playable in browser, 1-2 players)
Stray is a game about a little moth carrying its precious ball of light through a dark and abandoned place towards a destination unknown.
Asymmetric local co-op multiplayer game in which two players need to cooperate to escape an abandoned looking castle.
A game which let's you feel and experience the pain and the greatness of sensual overload and feedback. This may not be appropriate for people with fotosenstivie What a Wave!
Cheer for your robot as loud as you can to let him run faster! "Stunning" - Ron Glibert (2016); "Stunning but very loud" - Cyrus Mobasheri;
The most important element in this game is sound, so listen carefully. The best way to play is by using head phones.
Paper Apes is all about coordination, communication and cooperation. Apes and some cool other stuff. Game of the year 2014/2015/2016

Hearty Games