Peter Reeves

Past Games

Traverse the mean streets of a randomly generated city, begging for money, scavenging food and braving the cold to stay alive.
Be Afraid places you in the role of a mischievous poltergeist determined to stop two kids from trampling through their haunting grounds. The player wins by scaring the characters through traps and obstacles placed in their path, elevating their heartbeat until they pass out in terror. The strategy of the game comes from determining what fear lies in the heart of each character. There are four categories of fear in this prototype: fire, creepy crawlies, pointy things and death. One trap won't be enough though, each trap has been cleverly designed to cover at least two of these categories. For instance, one character might be terrified by the 'infested bones' trap, but what were they scared of? Was it the creepy crawly insects? Or coming face to face with their own mortality? The player must use careful observation of each child's heartbeat, judicious planning as well as trial and error to deduce each kids fear, and stop them before they reach the end of the house.