Pelagic Games

Past Games

Zelda-dungeon-like game where the player needs to combine items/abilities to access different exists from rooms. Everyone time a room is exited an item/ability is lost and a new item/ability is found.
Made in the last hour, just for the diversifier. Drag and release to fire the golf ball into the hole, on a course where there are portals to transmit the golf ball from one location to another.
It's election season, and you are trying to swing the local populace in favour of your preferred candidate.
Tap or drag to make waves in the water, and try to expose (red) buoys, making them green, at the same time. Sometimes shields hinder your tapping, and other times obstacles obstruct the waves.
In the era of the clown cyborg apocalypse, Eva is trapped in a circus research facility and wants to escape. She must learn the layout of her environment through repetition, and follow the rituals of
A two-dimensional, side-scrolling puzzle-platformer played simultaneously with two versions of the same character.