Past Games

You're stranded on a barren planet! Repair your space ship with the help of your gatherer robots.
Countless of wild humans need a loving home.
Card game / party game about interplanetary politics and the transmission of thoughts to other people, who might not understand you perfectly...
Mankind thought itself as the master of the ocean. Until YOU the unreasonable Kraken showed up. Wreak terror on the seas with awesome ocean wave simulation.
Non-digital boardgame of treasure hunting. The players have different strenghts for moving through varied terrain on the board. They have their own hidden goals they're pursuing.
Pod Of Stars is a herding game in deep space. Programming: Hannu Balk, Pekka Kujansuu Art: Henrik Hackenberg Design & sound effects: Rami Laaksonen, Joonas Laakso Producer: Joonas Laakso Music: Ville Touronen
Cult Wars is a card game where players take on the role of a cult leader. The players compete to grow their cults in size while gaining the favor of their unholy deities by sacrificing their own brethren.
Rhythm of the Stars is a rhythm-based game where you save stars by flying in space and activating your area of effect power.
Pull lantern wire around the town to guide the Spirits to the feast.