Pedro Henrique3

Past Games

"Darude Oasis" é um RTS modular onde o objetivo é proteger a árvore núcleo ao mesmo tempo que coleta recursos. "Darude Oasis" is a modular RTS which the goal is to protect a cor
PT: O jogo simula a vida de um caranguejo eremita contra diversas ameaças submersas onde ele pode se esconder na sua casca para evitar conflitos com outros caranguejos de sua espécie, sempre atentand
[ENGLISH] The Great Magician Orc, is fighting with all his power to defend the treasure of the kingdom of the Orcs demons. He transmits his powers to the guarding towers and treasure and thus can fi
[English] Control the chip's ports and direct the right data to its destination. Be quick cause the messages are coming quickly. [Português] Controle as portas de um chip para que os dados
The PiPenguin is hungry and his favourite food is in beach... CRABS! But the crabs are angry and they will hurt you if you get near. Beware the waves! They'll take your food away.
It's a game about the rituals of the African tribal dances.