Past Games

A 4 player local co-op game about repairing damaged wrestling robots and giving them a new purpose.
A game inspired by Marie Kondo's philosophy. BOX IT is fast action puzzle game where you have to sort stuff and box them. Increase your JOY meter by doing it as fast and accurate as you can.
You control two robot neurons trying to free the android they live in from the self obliterating code he has to follow.
The Grim Reaper has arrived on a special day where he has the choice of sparing peoples life in exchange of making some poor souls suffer in the Pit of Sorrow for eternity. Be wise of your choice.
Oswald C. Day is about Oswald, a friendly, down to earth and tidy guy, and how he goes about his everyday life while coping with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).
Space YOLO Nanobot Catastrophe (SYNC) is a 2 player platformer where both nanobots need to work together to survive.
The National Joy and Kindness Corporation is a fictional company that provides world class services to people who are interested in achieving their full potential and well being.
One heart is better than none but the organs need to be fed and there is only so much blood in the human body... HeartAttack is a game about a heart that can only give blood to one vital organ at a time. Try to survive as long as you can. Controls Space = Shoot Up= Detach Down = Attach Right <-> Left = Move
A creature just hatched after being the sole survivor of a massacre. Alone he has to survive and evolve, only to become the one responible for another massacre and so the endless loop goes on.