Paweł Piskorski

Past Games

Blow bootleg game cartridges (by blowing into your phone's microphone) to remove dust and make them work again.
(PL) "Nie chcę tej meblościanki" to gra planszowa o współlokatorach, którzy wprowadzają się do mieszkania, wyposażają je i zajmują pokoje.
Adjust TV antenna to find different TV channels and satisfy the whole family during a TV evening. Best played with our proprietary 'アンテナ360 4-axis Analog Antenna Controller', but can also
czisburger bez sera.........10,- ciszburger z serem..........15,- / controls: spacebar/custom USB microwave, microphone
Multiplayer Satanic Keyboard Brawler intended to be played by 2 players on one keyboard. We recommend removing or deactivating Windows keys on your keyboard before playing.