Past Games

Originally intended as a game where you puzzle with words, we ended up making a kind of visual fairy tail about a female knight and her squirrel friend.
Snow Storm is a game about getting to know your home.
ENVIROBOTS ist ein Mobilegame, welches Spieler dazu animieren soll, miteinander zu interagieren, um ihre Roboter für ihr individuelles Environment optimal anzupassen.
Bobo was a slightly scraggy outsider in his village. One day he stumbles over an ancient tome and decides to take revenge.
MassCollision is a turnbased PvP Arena Brawl Game. You play as a robot called "Maco" and want to push your opponents into a black hole!
Paper Apes is all about coordination, communication and cooperation. Apes and some cool other stuff. Game of the year 2014/2015/2016

Hearty Games