Past Games

In the year 3♥3♥, people need help with their broken hearts (ⅈ▱ⅈ)!
Have you ever wanted to build a house, but didn't want to pay attention to regulations? Like what even is a permit? Roof It!
Extreme Squawkey! 3 on 3 ice-cold ACTION! Squawk to launch penguin powered sound waves and rocket the puck, your teammates, and your opponents around the ring!
You are about to fight to the death for the amusement of children. Also, you are a piñata. Up to 4 players may enter the arena in this free-for-all fiesta of mariachi madness! Now go!
This is an analog game where, as a group of 2-4 adventurers, you are trying to prevent the extinction of your race by destroying an evil sorcerer's dungeon-dwelling monsters. This sorcerer is tricky, and makes the dungeon based off of the adventurers' actions, being unpredictable and dangerous.