Past Games

The whole crew is overboard and adrift in rough monster infested seas. Hurry up and find them all!
Had a fight with another monster and lost your limbs? Feel like a change of head? Then come to Frankenstein's Hospital where all your monster repair needs are met. You'll never get better!
Is the earth round or flat? It all depends on your perspective! In The Wrapped World you can decide yourself.
Would it not be cool to play a game on a projector with your phone as controller? \ \ With Astro Droids 2 - Return of the Cosmo Bots...FROM SPACE! you can! Each Player downloads our android app trough a QR code shown on the projector. From there on the retro space battle is on! Defend you own base and destroy the other team's base to win \ \
Defend your cake for as long as possible!