Past Games

Gary the Ghostbuster owns his own house cleaning company and gets a call to clean a mansion. He works alone because he likes to work alone. Upon arriving at the mansion, he starts cleaning, and pass
~Story~ Sparky is a faithful robot companion who would do anything for his robot friend Chuck. After being robbed of his parts one day, Chuck asks Sparky to help retrieve his parts.
Try to get a good nights sleep by collecting sheep and keeping the imps away
Use echolocation to find your food
Play as a giant and either save cities from disaster or aid in their destruction
This game is about a formless being that explores two different worlds.
This is the story of Rojo [row - joe] and his journey of corruption and destruction. Rojo used to be a kind and gentle demon; sadly the other Demons banished him because of this. He simply didn't belong, his behaviors were far from normalcy. With a curse placed on him and a plan in the mind of the Demons, "The Songs of Madness" corrupted Rojo and would force him to become a true demon causing mayhem and destruction. Rojo's Corruption is a rhythm based game based on timing certain keys to the music. Well on the surface it sounds simple, until you learn that keys you have to hit aren't displayed to you on the track, but within the environment and up to 3 objects at a time. These beats start off slow and progress in later levels and progress to the point where you must hit multiple keys at once. You have a combo meter displaying the number of consecutive "Perfects" within the note bar and goes back to one if anything but a perfect occurs. If you miss too many notes than you are greeted with a game over screen and are only able to retry, but if you get enough notes, you get a Victory screen and can retry for higher score or continue and progress. You have to be able to identify the land masses and press the keys in time with the song to achieve the highest possible score. Each and every object has a name and a note attached: "Mountain-M, House-H, Windmill-W, Cave-C, Lake-L, Forest-F, Island-I, Tree stump-T, Boat-B, Grass-G".

Hearty Games