Past Games

A multiplayer game where the players must repair the dam and try to destroy the opponents dam.
Cooperate with a party up to 4 players to help your drunk rabbit friend to end the level alive, shout to attract him towards you and move away obstacles to free the path.
A survival arcade game set in a post-apocalyptic scenario.
Click on the shapes that look threatening to you, but let the other ones pass through! The game will learn from your choices who you define as a friend or foe, depending on your personal perception.
Unwanted - the womb escape: in this game you live the life evolution of a girl from a small village in India. You will evolve by floating in a womb like environment, avoiding the negatives and embracing the positive of life. ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- This girl was supposed to be a boy as testified by an exam. That is why she was not suppressed after ultrasound analysis, which technological evolution and aggressive marketing brought to places where it was not available before, with unforeseen consequences. ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- The game is a 3D rummer inside a "womb", where your game life is powered by rhythmic tapping on music. You play by pressing the space bar in sync with the music, which brings you forward, and by intersecting positive objects and avoid negative ones. At level end you get to subsequent phases of life.