Past Games

Cookthulhu is a game about the unfortunate day where you accidentally summoned Cthulhu while cooking! The game has no written or audio sentence so bear with us if you don't understand how to p
What the Hat! is a survival cooperative game focused in the interection between the players and their ability to control a single mechanic together while dealing with enemies and traps.
In "19 Hz" you are left alone in a mansion full of ghosts where your only protection is the lantern you carry with you and your only guidance is the sound of your heartbeats. "19 Hz" is all about tension. You don't see clearly where you are going. You can't fight your enemies. You need to survive. Find your way through this maze-like mansion into the garden area, and finally to freedom, while avoiding contacts with the ghosts, but keep in mind, they can also hear your heartbeat.