Past Games

The Wonderful Life of Snail John is a wonderful tale of love, friendship and coming out of your shell.
In the distant future 2012, the world has collapsed. You have take humanity to a new inhabitable planet.
This is not a game. It is an experience. As everyone should experience how it feels to be a horrible mouth monster.
Farting Dawg
You cheer on a skeleton fighting another skeleton. It is marvellous.
Carl the dawg is back in action and he is poppin pills to forget his awful past.
Carl has an accident, oh dear. This is an exploration/puzzle game.
Carl returns after his first appearance in Global Game Jam 2012. This time he has to save his brother's life. Super duper funny addictive game with awesome powers, evolving and revolving, obstacles and stuff to pick up. How to play: You need to gather up certain amounts of blood in order to get the hearts and respective abilities from other animals. Each power you get from an animal is limited in time. Also killing costs you. So make your strategy wisely. Now go see how high you can score!