Past Games

A game about making speeches. In this game you must select through various random phrases to form a speech and rally your troops to the heat of battle.
The hero´s abilities activate depending on his stress or control level. Stressed abilities unlock melee attacks and controlled abilities unlock ranged attacks. Blocking or using ranged attacks drops his tension level, while damage or melee attacks raise his tension. Near maximum stress (more than 80%) or minimum (less than 20%), he can use special melee and ranged abilities. However, if he reaches maximum stress (95%) he enters in shock or, if minimum (5%), a coma. To continue, he must use special actions to calm or wake up to avoid death: turn device down or click to hide screen and calm down from a shock; shake device or mouse to wake up from a coma. Controls are simple. Touch on enemies to attack, melee or ranged depend on tension level. Touch on player to block attacks and lower tension bar. Let enemies attack to increase tension levels. Keep the hero´s mind intact for the duraction of the surgery. In game, the surgery (game) lasts 20 minutes: 2.5 minutes for each new item to appear, always in the sequence monster-item (4 monsters & 4 items).